How to Get Rid of Tech Addiction

Technology is here to help us. You have your phone that can serve as a computer and you also have the internet that can give you a good amount of information. However, what if you have children who are already too attached to their phones and computers? This can be a problem. Also, adults can also get addicted to technology. And in reality, it does affect your productivity and overall performance at work. In order to get rid of addiction to

Staying healthy in a night shift job

Working night shifts means earning more money, but having this kind of schedule is unhealthy for your body. The first thing that will be affected is your meal, skipping meals is never healthy for us and it is also hard to find a time to exercise in this schedule. On this blog site, we are giving you tips on how to stay healthy when you have to work a night shift. Make sure to eat healthy foods while at home and

A healthy family

Being a family does not mean you have to be blood-related there are lots of type of family in the community one example is a stepfamily. A family means having to take care and love each other, having each other’s backs every time one is in need. But there are also some families that are not in a healthy relationship, so what are the things we need to know and to in order to maintain a happy relationship with the

Health is Wealth

Health is wealth, if one is not healthy he or she would definitely suffer difficulties in her/his day to day life instead of enjoying the good life that God has bestowed upon us. Wealth is not just measured by our financial capabilities but rather it is by our overall health. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are the factors to be considered in our pursuit of a healthy living. If our overall health is good then nothing can deter us