Changing the Door Locks

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Change is good, especially when it concerns your safety. Including changing the door locks. This is a simple task, and it only takes a few minutes, but it requires peace of mind. This article will show you how to change the door locks. If you do not want to bother to replace it yourself, you can visit our website and find locksmith service.

Before changing the door locks, you must do the following:

– Define the key brands that you have
It is usually printed on the hook, but can also be found on the key body. You do not need long to replace the right keywords, knowing the origin of the brand, shape, arrangement, and the key feature of time will help you ensure that the new key looks fit.

– Measure your door knob. Often, hasp lock the front door and the rear door will be bigger than the hook lock on the interior. Knowing the previous size will help you so that no one bought or installed incorrectly.

– Remove the knob inside, if possible
Remove the existing spring on the door handle. Then the door knob will come off easily, and you will see the decorative cover.