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Significant business laboring, making many people think to have a business with capital in accordance with the choice of business selected. In addition to the human resources and types of goods and services offered by a producer, the problem of the location of the place of business also needs to be a concern because in addition to the image factor also lies a strategic also has a share to launch a business. For many people who cultivates the investment business rental office space or commonly known as office space. For those of you who are interested in renting an office space for your business, or indeed intend to undergo business in the field of office space leasing, it helps if you look into the ins and outs of the investment of the following office space; The current friendly climate of the economy makes demand or demand for more robust office space. In fact, according to a survey mentioned that the need for an office space increased to 91.96 percent and reached a record high since 1997. Perhaps most people still lay about the type of office space. The following is the division of office space auckland office building types that are sorted according to their quality;

Grade A; Office buildings categorized as grade A is a large commercial building and large has an adequate lobby area and is occupied by several large multinational companies. The rent is certainly very high because it is usually located near a strategic commercial and urban center. Grade B; The commercial building that goes into grade B is almost no different from the grade A building, but the number of floors is less. Equipped with ample lobby as everyone’s accommodation. The price is usually relatively more affordable and rental fees usually have a more flexible regulation. Grade C; This C grade office building is usually occupied by government agencies or certain departments. A lesser number of floors and of course rental rates are much cheaper than office building grade B. The high level of demand for an office space in the CBD or Central Business District makes this business never sleep. As long as the economic figures are still moving, of course, the demand for an office space remains in significant numbers.