High Sugar Level, Dangerous?

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Increased blood sugar levels drastically will cause disruption of complications in the body. The first disease will appear when blood sugar levels jumped sharply is diabetes. In general, glucose is needed by the body as a source of energy. However, blood sugar levels are too high it will be bad for the performance of our organs. You can use Obat Herbal, visit our website to know more.

Normally, blood sugar levels within a reasonable range are at certain numbers. After we finish eating, carbohydrates in our body will be broken down into sugar or glucose. Furthermore, the glucose will be absorbed by the blood in our body. Blood will drain the glucose throughout the body to produce energy. However, before becoming energy, first glucose must pass through a door to get into the cells in our body. The hormone that has a role in opening the door is the hormone insulin. The hormone insulin itself is produced by the pancreas.