How To Keep Your Vagina Sticker And Younger

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Not a few women who are willing to pay expensive to get the maximum face care. The reason is none other than to get a healthy face, fast, radiant, and away from the effects of another aging. However, what about the condition of “miss V” (vagina)? Is maximal care also done for the vagina? Did you know that with age, not only facial skin will experience aging, the condition of the vagina will experience aging? Experts find the tendency of aging in the vaginal area as well as in the face. According to Karen Boyle, MD, a sexual health expert, often obstetricians do not express explicitly about the condition of aging in the vagina. Often, when knowing the real situation, many women are surprised to find their vagina and vulva have changed over time. In fact, the aging process in the vaginal area has begun since women enter the age of 20-an. Usually, there will be a reduction of the fat layer in the outer labia, then followed by the vaginal discharge. When approaching the menopause, the lines on ‘miss V’ will thin out, blood pressure rises, and the muscles in the pelvis will weaken. For that, you need a v tight gel. This product according to v tight reviews can restore the elasticity of your female organs in just 10 minutes!

Therefore, the trend of vaginal rejuvenation or often called vaginal rejuvenation began to bloom done a lot of desire. No wonder, if the number of women who perform vaginal rejuvenation is increasing every year. Just like the name suggests, doing “yoyo diet” will make weight up and down like a yoyo. Changes in weight up and down will cause the vaginal area to relax. Most important is to run a healthy diet plan consistently and maintain a healthy weight. If the body is too thin, the vagina will grow faster because the layer of fat is very thin. Spending hours on the bench every day is not good for the condition of the vagina. If possible, provide ball pilates at the office. Then, in a day, at least 15 minutes, you replace the seat with a ball pilates to sit and train the pelvic muscles to be active, like kegel. Be careful, friction and constant movement for long periods in the groin area can attract and make “miss V” becomes elastic and loose. Instead, choose another type of sport.