Plastic surgery prohibitions that you must know

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Getting a plastic surgery service can be hard to do. It’s because there are many things that will be prohibited before and after the surgery. It doesn’t matter how good your surgeon is, if you are going up against his prohibitions, then you will likely get some serious problems, and your recovery process after the plastic surgery can be hampered. You may also want to check out the best plastic surgeon Los Angeles, by visiting the rodeo drive plastic surgery website.

The first thing which is usually forbidden by the surgeon is the outdoor activities or excessive movements. After the surgery, your skin is still in the recovery process. Excessive movements might damage your surgery scar, and the result might become worse than your expectation. Then there are several medicines and foods that must be avoided as well. Consult your surgeon regarding this matter, and he will likely to give you the list of foods and medicines that you must avoid before and after the surgery, especially during your recovery period.