How to replace the windshield wiper

If we are thinking about car windshield, we will be also thinking about the windshield wiper. The windshield wiper is a part of the car which provides the car owners with any safety features. Unfortunetaly, the windshield wiper do not last forever which causes the new replacement after the windshield wiper have been used for several years. Commonly, the car owners replace their windshield wiper because of its worn-out rubber. When the your windshield wiper doesn’t work properly anymore, you can replace your old windshield with the new one. Interestingly, you can try this out yourself which save the money in your pockets by getting the high quality wiper with the cheaper prices. Getting a cheaper blade is a good idea in repalcing your window to save some money in your pocket. Commonly, the auto online stores offer a cheaper price rather than you buy it in the store. It is very simple and efficient to buy windshield on the internet because you just only use your smartphone and wait your windshield delivered to your place.

Replacing the windshield wiper is actually easy because you just need to do a simple thing. If you want to replace your windshield wiper, the first thing that you should do is pulling up all of wiper part inluding the rubber blade on the wiper before turning the rubber blade vertically to make the hinge is seen. Please take the notice to a small tab and pull up the tab and the wiper stimultaneously. So then, you have the rubber blade and the tap are separated from the frame.Take care of the position of the frame becuase it will make the stratch if it hit the windshild. Insert the new wiper into the wiper frame through the apppropriately. When it’s installed, shaking the wiper blades to make sure the installation was done properly. Do not let the wiper blades loose because it will bother the visibility when you drive your car in the rain. It is very easy, isn’t it?